Gourmet Pepper Jelly
Turn an ordinary meal into a dining experience with our delicious pepper jelly. Poured into faceted jars with gold lids, our jewel-toned jellies make gorgeous gifts. And they're versatile, too. Spread cream cheese on a cracker and top with a dollop of jelly for a delicious appetizer. Or use as a sandwich spread, dipping sauce for shrimp or chicken, or glaze for ribs or roasts. The culinary possibilities are endless. Net Weight: 10 oz. Price: $6.00/jar; Duo: $12.00

Fiesta Pepper Jelly

Sweet red bell pepper with a hint of jalapeno. Bursting with summer sweetness, it turns an ordinary cracker into something special.

Mango Pepper Jelly

Designed for those who like it hot! Orange bell pepper jelly accented with Jamaican scotchbonnet peppers and mango. Delicious with seafood.

Mimosa Pepper Jelly

Inspired by the popular Sunday brunch cocktail, this sweet and mildly spicy orange bell pepper jelly is flavored with champagne, orange liqueur and jalapeno.

Margarita Pepper Jelly

Tangy green bell pepper jelly spiked with tequila, orange liqueur and lime. Great as a dipper for shrimp or chicken fingers.

Sweet & Spicy Duo

Includes our ever-popular Fiesta and Mango Pepper Jellies.

Tropical Duo

Includes the "spirited" Mimosa and Margarita Pepper Jellies. Order some and get the party started!







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