Do you remember your first kiss? Chances are that you do. Perhaps it happened after the school dance, in a car at the local drive-in, in a darkened movie theatre, or at the front door of your parent's house after a romantic first date. Do you recall the warm, fuzzy feeling you felt the moment your lips met for the very first time?

We at Kiss My Cookies™ set out to create treats that recall the sweet memory of that first, fateful kiss. One bite and the old feelings come flooding back: the excitement you felt as you and your high-school sweetheart secretly exchanged love notes in study hall. The exhilaration of receiving that long-awaited phone call from him (or her!). The heightened anticipation as you pulled back the curtain and peeked out the window, waiting for your date to arrive on a Saturday night.

How can we make this claim? Because we love what we do, and it shows. Since baking is our passion, our desserts are infused with the tenderness and affection of a lover's embrace. And since love is meant to be shared, so are our treats. So, enjoy them with a friend. But a word of caution: Unless you're ready to commit, beware. One taste, and it's love at first bite.

Love & sprinkles,



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